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Don't Ever Put Petroleum Jelly (Vaseline) On Your Eczema

vaseline eczema

 I tried it.  Back in the day before I learned how to cure my eczema once and for all.  There i was all shiny and greasy and still very very itchy!  The worse part was that I had to take a very hot shower (another eczema no-no) and use strong soap (another eczema no-no) to get it off.  I was certainly batting less than 1000 that day.

Vaseline Eczema - Or - Why Vaseline (Petroleum Jelly) Won't Help Eczema | Natural Eczema Cures

Few things are worse than the constant burning and itching of dried up, red and itchy skin. Just remember that Vaseline and eczema do not mix. I know that when you (or worse, your child) has any form of eczema that you'll try anything to get rid of it.

I had people tell me to put all sorts of weird things on my skin as a cure including butter, oatmeal, sage, and even horse manure. Good skin care is important, and I have some tips below. That being said if you want to get rid of eczema you need to treat it from the inside out. See eczema is caused through your immunity system and if you truly want relief you need to take a natural holistic approach to curing eczema.

Good things to know about skin care

Good skin care starts with adequate moisturizing and hydration, which decreases itching and formation of eczema. Hydration of the skin is maintained by the twice daily application of skin moisturizing creams (examples include Keri®, Lubriderm®, Nivea®, Nutraderm®, and Eucerin®). Less expensive moisturizers include generic forms of Johnson and Johnson's Baby Lotion® (which is actually more of a cream) available at discount retailers.

Lotions contain too much water and will actually dry your skin. The difference between a lotion and cream is that a cream has a slightly greasy feel to it even after it has been applied to the skin. Avoid pure petroleum jelly (such as Vaseline®), which does not moisturize the skin, unless placed on top of a moisturizer or moist skin.

Bathing can be helpful if done in the correct manner; and harmful if done incorrectly. Avoid extremely hot or cold water showers or baths. Try to bathe daily, and soak in the water until the fingertips start to wrinkle. Blot dry with a towel (rather than rubbing), and apply a moisturizing cream from head to toe (focusing on problem areas) within 3 minutes of getting out of the bath or shower, while the skin is still moist. If the skin is allowed to air-dry before the moisturizer is applied, the eczema could get worse.

Sun is good for skin but only in low doses and only when using sun screen. This can be a tricky situation for people with eczema because sun block typically falls into the lotion category of skin care. Also, too much sun definitely drys your skin which will make the eczema worse. Believe me their is nothing worse than having a sun burn over dry itchy skin (eczema).

Learning how to permanently cure your eczema is easier than you think. There are a few very good guides available online that outline natural holistic ways to treat your eczema from the inside out. It worked for me and will work for you too - stop scratching!

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vaseline eczema

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